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Ends 10/31 at midnight!!

Guess the mitragynine reported on the next batch lab test, 101821.

1st Place Winner

One lucky member with the guess closest to the lab report will receive 1 full kilo of the base green (Green Maeng Da) and 1 kilo split 5 ways of the upcoming batch, 101821.

2nd Place Winner 

500g single strain!

3rd Place Winner 

200g single strain!


Guess the lead content! LOL
Hint This is the lowest lead content we have seen on a lab tested batch in 3 years!

Average lead ranges for our kratom:
~.2 to .6 ppm


The winner of the bonus prize will receive a custom order of our choosing.

The contest will end on Monday, November 1st, and the awards will be distributed by November 5th.

23 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN CONTEST!

  1. This new green base is absolutely out of this world good 🔥🔥🔥. I have never had something put me in such a wonderful mood!

  2. 1.1% Mitragynine is my guess! 🙂

      1. Oops, posted in the wrong place and looks like this ended last night. Sorry.

  3. Mit 1.82
    Lead .1

  4. Mit 1.65
    Lead .12

    1. Will change my lead content guess to .15. There was a duplicate. Thanks so much for the contest. Happy Halloween.

  5. 1.71% mitragynine, and 0.12 ppm lead

    1. Think you may have repeated my lead content guess lol

      1. My bad! Your comment wasn’t there yet when I posted so you must’ve done it a few seconds before me

        1. All good brother. No worries at all

  6. 1.55% mitragynine, lead .1

  7. Mit. 1.76
    Lead 0.05

  8. 1.87 mitragynine. .1 lead

  9. Mit Content = 1.51%
    PPM lead = .2

    Bring me a winner baby!!!

  10. Mit: 1.87%
    Lead: 0.08 ppm

    Happy Businessversary!

  11. 1.68. Happy Halloween!

  12. MIT-1.57

  13. MIT: 1.47 LEAD:.09

  14. Mit 1.67
    Lead 0. 19

  15. Mitragynine: 1.69%
    Lead: 0.13 ppm

    Happy Halloween 🙂

  16. Mitragynine: 1.45%
    Lead: 0.22 ppm

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