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Restock Update

We will begin releasing Lot 101821 tomorrow. So far, the feedback for 101821 Green Maeng Da has been very positive. It is not as fast (less energy) as the 080921 batch, but offers more balanced effects including a great mood boost. 101821 Royal Bentley is not as sleepy as 080921 Royal Bentley. We would recommend 101821 Royal Bentley for daytime use. Green Maeng Da pairs great with Royal Bentley at night. Ben really likes to blend that at a 50/50 ratio for daytime, and 30% Green Maeng Da / 70% Royal Bentley for nighttime. Of course, everyone reacts differently to kratom, and you may need to adjust to suit your needs.

Please bare with us as our help is limited at this time.

Ben is meeting with a surgeon on Wednesday and once the insurance approves the procedure (gallbladder removal), he will have the operation.

Today is our 3rd anniversary! We plan to start our sale towards the end of November. This will likely be a Black Friday / weekend sale. Stay tuned! We will be sending an email a week in advance as well.