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Green Hulu (LOT 052324)

(30 customer reviews)


Our Green Hulu is both stimulating and relaxing. This strain is one of our top 5 most popular kratom products!

Green Hulu Kratom Powder

This kratom strain has held the #2 spot for over 3 years now! Grab a bag of this and see what all the excitement is about!


Our airtight zippered pouches lock in freshness!
  • Thick barrier material protects Kratom from moisture, gas and odor.
  • Heat sealed above tear notches.
  • FDA and USDA compliant.

*We recommend that you cut just below the heat seal with scissors, rather than tear the bag by hand. This insures the bag retains more surface area above the zipper, which helps retain the clean look and allows better handling of your product!

Our product labels are glossy, laser-printed, water resistant, and display the specific LOT number, BEST BY date, and recommended serving size.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. Not for purchase by minors and not recommended for use in women that are pregnant or nursing. Please consult a physician before use. Please consume Kratom responsibly and follow general guidelines and suggested serving size available on product packaging.

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100g, 250g, 500g

30 reviews for Green Hulu (LOT 052324)

  1. Calvin (verified owner)

    Great all around work horse. Is stimulating enough, is also sedative enough, but not too much of either! Taken in the morning, noon or late evening it seems to work for any occasion.

  2. Winter J (verified owner)

    Fast shipment. Even included a free sample of Green Maeng Da which was a nice surprise! Always quality product. Smooth it out with a nice yellow as the energy from this and White Maeng Da makes me a bit jittery.

  3. Khris G (verified owner)

    Very clean energy like burn with a dash of relaxation, and more relaxation if you dose higher. Very happy with my experience.

  4. Tom K (verified owner)

    Another great rendition of the revered green Hulu.
    Good, solid energy with a lovely floral flavor and typical lucky long legs.
    I try to pick up a current batch of his and GMD any chance I can

  5. Donovan (verified owner)

    Excellent mood life, focus, and energy!! I really enjoyed this product. Definitely one of the most consistent Hulu’s I’ve had. This along with Lucky’s GMD have been my go to purchases!

  6. Taron H (verified owner)

    Accurate description. This one is solid, its a good home strain to put you in a great mood, doesn’t have you flying around the house but also doesn’t have you falling asleep sitting up either. Its an excellent “happy medium” definitely keep this one in the main rotation. Lucky Herbals is bomb have tried 25 other well reviewed vendors before I found them. Don’t hesitate have literally never been disappointed like I have with almost every other vendors I have tried.

  7. Edward (verified owner)

    This is my go to green from here. The quality is very consistent and I’ve never had a bad batch.

    A great stimulating strain for early in the morning or if you have some work to get done. I would say that this is a little better than the GMD, however I do rotate the two to not build up a tolerance to one strain too much.

    A lot of the green hulu I’ve tried in the past were too stimulating, giving me eye wobbles and was just uncomfortable. It does not happen with this strain from LH.

    Switched to this vendor a few months ago and I will not go anywhere else, you can’t go wrong!

  8. daniel.c (verified owner)

    This is one of the best. I usually switch between hulu and maeng da. This is a must try for all Kratom users.

  9. arielchanel13 (verified owner)

    Excellent medium boost of energy and mood! One of my favorite go to’s and mixes well with any of the white strains if you’re needing a little extra lift to your day.

  10. Isam D (verified owner)

    Great relaxing Green. I enjoyed this with a mild energy boost but more of a casual relaxing type of vibe. Recommend it and I enjoyed it. Great for laying back and enjoying your time while feeling good at the same time.

  11. Jared Rosa (verified owner)

    The g hulu is my favorite strain out of the last batch. Warm, fuzzy, motivating with out being over stimulating. Leaf is super fresh as is all his offerings. Perfect for a mid day pick me up when you need a strain thats going to push thru bad burn days. Consistent and reliable. Just like the customer service.

  12. Steven T (verified owner)

    Amazing mood boost and a great warm and fuzzy body feeling that I find works great for me in the evening. In lower doses I still get a warm and fuzzy feel with a little bit of energy that really motivates me to get up and do some things around the house. This is literally one of the best bags of kratom I’ve ever used. I will definitely be picking up more of this batch

  13. Quincy (verified owner)

    Great Strain! Similar to GMD, love to mix it up to keep things fresh. Nice and warm, with enough pick me up to hit that “get things down” spot.

  14. Erik S (verified owner)

    Quality product. Looking forward to it being one of my main strains. Highly recommend! (LOT 080921)

  15. Quinn P (verified owner)

    Green Hulu is my go to strain for mixing, i mix it in with everything. If you’re sensitive to whites I would recommend trying the green Hulu in mornings, and on the other hand for people who don’t like the intense sedation of reds, it can be a great replacement in the evening as well. Great combination of pain relief and slight stimulation. Highly recommend the green Hulu to anyone!

  16. Gwendolyn (verified owner)

    This batch is the weaker of the 3 I had, but even the weakest strain here is fresh and high quality. (101821)

  17. Taron Heath (verified owner)

    It is just like any other very good gree strain, except a little bit slower, I would consider this a better one for anxiety, or afternoon use. Definitely not a slow effect just a slight bit blow fast. Very nice strain, I definitely keep this one in the regular rotation.

  18. Jonathan H (verified owner)

    This one is another amazing strain. Very strong with great pain relief.

  19. Stacy S (verified owner)

    Green Hulu is amazing! It is my go to strain. It gives me energy as well as pain relief. It is consistent every single time it hits the spot! I can’t say enough good things about this strain. I love it!

  20. Griffin B (verified owner)

    The lot 12121 Green Hulu was the best kratom I’ve ever had. I needed only a small amount and I was in a euphoric, warm and fuzzy state; but not sleepy. It was a slower green and exactly what I wanted for midday/evening relaxation. Daydream land not dreamland, if that makes sense.

  21. rkcorinth (verified owner)

    This June batch of Green Hulu is absolutely phenomenal; super warm and energetic with an overall feeling of contentness. Definitely give it a shot if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

  22. aloushkdoush (verified owner)


  23. Jackson Streitwieser (verified owner)

    I have always loved this strain. use this if you’re looking for a more relaxed, sedating feeling. for more stimulation/energy id recommend Green Maengda instead, but the relaxed feeling of this, plus a subtle sense of joyful well-being, makes it nice for me when I’ve got nothing going and just want to relax.(LOT 051123)

  24. Brandon Richard (verified owner)

    Ben’s Green Hulu batches have always been consistent. Gives the perfect mood boost, energy, and pain relief and is good for any time of the day! Definitley grab you some of this when it is in stock. It’s absolute fire 🔥! 💪 (LOT 051123)

  25. jrobertson127 (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my all time favorites, provides plenty of clean energy and focus but without making it so I can’t sit still. if you use kratom to battle low mood or brain fog, this is a solid choice! You also just can’t do any better than Lucky Herbals, their stuff is consistently powerful, priced very well, and shipped quickly. If you’re on the fence about ordering, you won’t regret giving their stuff a try!

  26. Taron Heath (verified owner)

    Excellent high energy work mode strain. I always add into my mixes. The really nice thing about this one is that it requires much less to give desirable energy, less is more for sure with this one so it lasts a long time. great mood, anti anxiety. Gives me the strength to function anxiety free in the workplace and in the world. One of my favorites for sure! try it!!

  27. Tannah (verified owner)

    This one has some good energy without being overboard. However, I think I prefer the GMD because I prefer a bit more energy. Definitely a good one to try if you don’t like strains with too much get up and go, but still need an energy boost

  28. jonathandarylj (verified owner)

    What else is there to say about this wonderful strain! relax8ng. energetic, that perfect in between.

    Moderate mood boost and great to take before you need to get things done! A+++! (LOT 091323)

  29. Kyle McKillop (verified owner)

    GREEN HULU – LOT 091323

    unfortunately didn’t feel very much of anything from this one, despite dosing up to 8g at one point.

  30. Daniela Lopez (verified owner)

    This is so good never had anything close to these good

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