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Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
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 27 reviews
by CTD on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Solid / Professional / Best there is..

These guys are truly the best of the best when it comes to response, shipping, delivery and outstanding quality. 5 Star - without question.

by Patrick Hilyard on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
5 Strain REVIEW Reds Greens Whites Blends

Reviewing the 5 strains from them I have tried. His famous Green Maeng Da,Borneo Blast,Bali Sunset,Red Bali,Red Thai

RED BALI- Pain: 10/10
Stress: 8/10
Mood: 8/10
Euphoria: 9/10
Sleep: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

RED THAI- Pain: 8/10
Stress: 9/10
Mood: 9/10
Euphoria: 10/10
Sleep: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Now i will review the rest of what I have personally tried that were not pure red strains.

Green Maeng Da: Pain: 8/10
Energy: 9/10
Focus: 10/10
Mood: 10/10
Euphoria: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Borneo Blast: Pain: 6/10
70% WMD 30% GMD Energy: 10/10
Focus: 9/10
Mood: 10/10
Euphoria: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Bali Sunrise: Pain: 8/10
70% WMD 30% Red Bali Mood: 10/10
Stress: 9/10
Energy: 9/10
Euphoria: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

My favorite is the Bali Sunrise. Plenty of energy that is CLEAN from the White Maeng Da in it and yet good pain and stress manager at the same time from the perfectly balanced Bali Sunrise!!

The Green Maeng Da is NOT overrated!! My favorite green strain of all time!! I cant tell you enough how the no rough edges energy helps me at work! My depression is alot better than with any antidepressants as well when i keep this in my rotation.

Ben goes the Extra Mile for good products for an affordable premium experience. Super impressive company by a really nice guy!

by Patrick H. on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Excellent Strong Reliable Vendor

Ben was a pleasant experience to shop with! He went above and beyond with helping me out with google pay and the product was PHENOMENAL!!! Bali Sunrise was AMAZING and the green maeng da was super strong. Wish he would have had the red Bali when I ordered, but I'm ordering only from him now and it is back in stock! His Maeng Da is STRONG!! #AromaForHours

by Brandon on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Really fine quality kratom

I’m a relatively new customer at lucky herbals... but very experienced in knowing top notch quality when I try , all of the varieties I’ve tried so far have been very impressive and I’m completely satisfied and then some !! My favorite is the green MD... this variety is the beezneez, everything I want in a green md! I highly recommend this folks who love clean upbeat energy , stellar moodlift and godsend pain relief to give this one a try .... one of the best I’ve had in over 2 years ! This family business has great integrity every step of the way ... very VERY happy with this exceptional company .... I’ll be a returning customer from here on out ..... nothing but good things with Lucky Herbal’s !! Thank you Ben and family 🙏🍃🍂. Also ... green Bali is beautiful for happy moodlift and pain relief... as is the green Hulu but for a more relaxing variety!!

One very happy customer .... Brandon

by Manuel on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Honestly, the best!

Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da and now Hulu. Amazing product!!
All have come vacuum sealed and arrived in a few days after purchasing! Thank you Ben for all you help! Customer service and great product are the reason why Lucky Herbal is my number one choice! Honestly!!

by Ricky on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Hands down the best Kratom, simply amazing!

Ben is an amazing person, with an amazing product! Top notch Kratom, well above the rest. I'm so glad I found Lucky Herbals, and I will never order from anyone else again! It's that good! Thanks Ben :)!

by Will S. on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom

Great product and shipping is super fast. I haven't had this great a burn in months.

by Toby K. on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Green Maeng Da is fire

The Green Maeng Da is just what i needed today. Will report back when i try the Green Hulu. Packaging very professional fine grind on the kratom and beautiful green color to the kratom!

by Pika23 on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Coocoo for hulu

Left us with a great mellow feeling. Glad this is the sample we got. Been anxious to try a Hulu...great choice to mellow out with and chill

by Jesse T. on Lucky Herbals - Discount Kratom
Unbelievably impressed

Excellent turnaround time on shipping, i placed an order at midnight and it was shipped the next morning! Replied to all my questions in a very prompt and pleasant manner, and my package was there in 3 days! The product is excellent but you already knew that. Such a great experience and can't wait for my next package.

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