Red Horn (LOT 091922)

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Red Horn Kratom Powder

This kratom is a moderately fermented strain (more than 30%). I would describe this strain to be moderately slow, and ideal for use after a long day of physical activity!



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7 reviews for Red Horn (LOT 091922)

  1. Edward (verified owner)

    I have been a long term, heavy kratom user. After trying probably 10 different online vendors, and everything offered at my local smoke shops I stumbled upon this website. I have always been a huge fan of reds, but over the last few months I’ve tried every variety my usual vendors offered and every single one of them were not only fermented, but just tasted and smelled old and nasty.

    This stuff is bright green, tastes and smells very fresh. I’ve ordered close to a kilo of this now and both times I’ve ordered, it’s been like this.

    This is probably the most sedating out of all of the reds here, and any other vendor I’ve tried. This is exactly what I hoped for. If your looking for something after a long day, or something to help fall asleep more easily. This is the stuff. This is my number #1 choice out of all the stuff I’ve tried here. I think I’ve tried close to 8 stains here and this will be my go to as long as it’s offered.

    Customer service is great, shipping is fast and the entire experience is great. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Brittany S (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite red! I’m 35 with 2 young children. I have recently been diagnosed with a variety of pain inducing health issues. This red horn allows me to do all the things a mom has to do! It is long lasting, dulls the pain plus gives me energy and a positive mindset. I highly recommend!!

  3. Jared Rosa (verified owner)

    My new favorite evening red. Mello but still warm.

  4. Phil S (verified owner)

    Lucky Herbal’s reds all work pretty well for me compared to other vendors’ selections (even the more popular mixes by those vendors). There’s some kind of magic at work here, and I couldn’t be happier for it!

    For me, this Red Horn is the epitome of red kratom. It’s exactly what I need from kratom. It hits fast and lingers a long time. I have this incredible cooling sensation all over my body that I get in particular from Lucky’s Red Horn. The pain relief and relaxation I get from this one are truly unparalleled.

    I ordered only a 200g bag this last time. I will most certainly be ordering more soon, and probably in a bigger quantity.

  5. Caterpillar (verified owner)

    Im usually not too into fermented strains, but considering this is lucky we’re talking about, I knew it would still be good and I’d enjoy it so I decided to give it a shot. And I wasn’t wrong about that. Being fermented you do have to take a little bit more than you would with some greener leaf but once you get to the right spot, it really does give you some nice effects. It’s a little more on the mellow side but still gives you some solid pain relief, relaxation and calming effects. It can help you wind down at the end of the day too. Overall I’d say it’s probably one of the, if not the best fermented Kratom strains I’ve tried so far from anyone.

  6. Jesse McTighe (verified owner)

    High Quality Red Strain, Mid Spec, Great Pain Relief and Mood Boost!

  7. Sean S (verified owner)

    This is my favorite red I’ve ever had. It was incredibly relaxing and greatly reduced my pain. I had this red horn along with a green (75% red horn, 25% green) and it was probably my favorite kratom experience ever. And I’m not usually in to reds.

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